New Blue Course

gx2500-hockey-stick-blue-p65582-14475_imageWe are introducing a new shorter course in play all year round that will also act as Helsby Winter course.

During the summer season it will offer a shorter course to those starting out in golf who may struggle with the longer Yellow and White courses, and in line with many national and international clubs a course easier to play for those struggling with their game.

The new course, during winter, will act as the clubs competition course, as well as the course that the Winter League is contested on.

The biggest change to be aware of is with a new set of stroke indexes assigned solely to this course inline with CONGU recommendations.  CONGU is the Council of National Golf Unions, they dictate how clubs setup competitions, courses and control handicaps in conjunction with R and A.  Like every other Club in England we are bound as a club to adhere to their constitution designed to enable a level playing system for all golfers and golf clubs. Rule 33 – 4 of the R and A rule book requires handicap committees to setup and publish the strokes received at holes guided by CONGU,s Chapter 5. Appendix G to ensure consistency amongst affiliated Clubs.  You can see the full details of this by logging on to English Golf or R and A websites and we will post on the M and H notice board.

This new course will be used for this years Winter League and also winter competitions contested from November onwards. We will dispense with the current reduction of handicaps for handicaps 13 and above in the Winter League To facilitate the change in SI and yard ages we will be producing a simple winter card and a copy is attached to this e-mail.

We hope you enjoy the changes and accept that we are trying to adapt and develop our course. We will monitor over the winter and review how things have progressed. If positive we will be looking to invite Cheshire Golf to measure and formalise the course so that we can categorise it as our all year round Blue Course and allow it to be used for handicap qualification.


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