2015 Summer Course Analysis

Everyone who plays at Helsby has a particular hole that suits their eye along with a nemesis they must get through each and ever round.  It would be fair to assume that most players nemesis holes appear somewhere within the closing 6 holes with 17 more than likely holding the overall title.  So it would be interesting to know where the majority struggle, which holes suit everyones eye, which hole gives up the most birdies and which the most bogeys.  Well this is all possible with the hole analysis tool built into our handicap software, we present 2015s Hole by Hole story.

The analysis counts 2037 rounds played and shows no surprises with hole 17 statistically the toughest hole of 2015 playing on average 1.79 shots over par.  There were 150 more double bogeys or worse on 17 than any other hole and only 9 birdies recorded.  17 is followed by the 3rd and 5th holes both playing 1.64 shots over par, although the 5th hole has seen more bogeys and worse than the 3rd, 3 takes overall 2nd spot due the higher other scores it produces.

Maybe surprisingly in the middle of the list is 16 which has given up the second lowest amount of birdies and third lowest par returns.  In contrast 12 is easily the most birdied and eagled hole on the course yet is only the fourth easiest hole.  Surprisingly when it comes to eagles holes 12 & 1 have given up twice as many eagles as the two par 5s.

The easiest holes on the course are 6, 8 and 11 which played a little under 1 shot over par, giving up 20% of the total birdies recorded in 2015.

Breaking down into handicap categories, Cat 1 Golfers found holes 7, 10 and 12 the easiest, Cat 2 10, 11 and 12, with Cat 3 & Cat 4 golfers finding holes 6, 8 and 11 the easiest. It’s Interesting to see that the lowest handicaps prefer and score best on the  the 2 par 5s  and shorter par 4s whereas Cat 2 players prefer and shoot better scores on short par 4s.  Contrasting this are the Cat 3 & 4 golfers who appear to prefer and score better on the par 3s.  Amazingly hole 17 for cat 4 players is only fourth hardest with hole 4 proving the most difficult challenge playing on average 2.42 over par.

Ultimately, while it makes interesting reading, the analysis proves that on 2037 occasions Helsby was challenged and enjoyed by all levels of Golfers.

You can view the full analysis below

2015 Hole Analysis Overall

2015 Hole Analysis – Cat 1

2015 Hole Analysis – Cat 2

2015 Hole Analysis – Cat 3

2015 Hole Analysis – Cat 4


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