Eclectic 2016

At Helsby we run an annual eclectic competition throughout the Summer.  The eclectic sees the best score a player scores on each hole throughout the Year in Club Competitions being added to their overall scorecard.  The competition is Nett with a 5/8ths handicap allowance applied to all competitors.  Score are automatically added after every competition and added to players records.

Even if a player NRs before completing their round, as long as the score is entered in the computer for all holes that were completed before and after the NR the score is added to the players record.

Again we are in the early stages of this Years eclectic but after 5 rounds a familiar name is leading the pack.  Tom Rowlands has so far achieved an eclectic of 62 gross less his allowance of 1.25 to give him an eclectic of 60.75.  Dave Pilkington has leaped into 3rd after the weekend with an eclectic score of 61.38 with John Sowerby on 62.75 showing some good early season promise making up the top ten.  New member Lee Horton is nicely placed on 66.25 and will be keen to better the 7 at the fourth that could see him crashing into the top ten.  Glen Makin needs to get off to a better start to match his eclectic back 9 only managing bogey bogey starts so far this season.

The full eclectic can be viewed Here


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