OOM Update – 18/07/16


We have finally sorted out our Order of Merit problems and we are up to date again.    A reminder that the order of merit runs in conjunctions with all major competitions with points awarded as follows:

1st – 100, 2nd – 75, 3rd – 70, 4th – 60, 5th – 55, 6th – 50, 7th – 45, 8th – 40, 9th – 35, 10th  – 30, 11th – 25 then each place after gains one point less than the previous position down to 32nd place which gains 4 points.

Medals are counted as one competition with all competitors net scores taken into account to award points.  Captains Weekend counts with points awarded for Day 1 and Day 2 separately.  The Challenge Cup also awards points to players who reach at least the QF stage.

So here we are, with results added from the Ward Trophy on the 3rd July.  We are now tied at the top, previous leader Simon Pay gained 8 points in the Ward Trophy but was caught by Charlie Fletcher who took  5th place and 55 points.  3rd and 4th are also tied with Peter Simpson and Tom Rowland locked on 261 points.  Tucking in just behind them is Sam Long who had an 80 point haul to move within 1 point.  Marcus Lightfoot had another strong competition placing alongside Mark Stonely who collected his first points since his early season haul.

The full OOM can be viewed Here


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