EJ Harding – 2016

scratchA unique competition at Helsby introduced 43 Years ago in honour of past member Mr Harding .  It was always a wish of Harding that a competition take place where by entry would be restricted to members who finished in the first three places in the respective divisions of the Monthly Medals, played during the months of April to September inclusive.  Should a player qualify on more than one occasion any other member cannot fill the qualifying place/s.  He simply wanted to see an increased coming together of members while retaining a competitive edge.

Jumping ahead to 2016, 43 competitors had satisfied the qualification criteria and would go on to justify this with a Year first 69 CSS being recorded.  3 of the 4 Club Championship finalist finished in the top, with two posting sub 70 gross scores, Alan Rigby and Simon Pay.  Rigbys 69 was good enough for him to claim runner up spot on CPO thanks to his 33 shot inbound 9.  Losing out on 2nd was Challenge Cup finalist Charlie Fletcher who faltered on the back after turning 1 under gross.  Fletchers round also sees him drop to a healthy 4.2 handicap which will also make Challenge Cup opponent John Cheesbrough happy.

The day however belonged to Andrew Matu who blew the field away with a breathtaking 90-28=62.  Matu’s score was setup early in the round with Pars at 1, 3 and 4 that contributed to him turning in 44 shots, a casual 6 better than handicap.  A solid triangle followed by a par at 13 saw him increase his advantage even further to 9, before trebles at 14 and 17 brought him momentarily back towards the field.  In reality his 17 hole score allowed him the luxury of knowing that any score lower than 7 would be enough.  A no nonsense bogey followed for Matu and with it a first Major win and board competition.

Full scoresheet available Here


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