Padeswood and Buckley Swap Day


Another welcome sunny day for the gents as the annual swap day was contested at Padeswood and Buckley Golf Club.  Those starting on the back nine who thought locating the 10th tee was a mission were in for a treat when they finished 13.  Many a golfer wandering around hopelessly in panic trying to locate the 14th tee before it got dark, refusing to ask for directions from other groups and getting mad with each other in scenes that resembled a family car holiday.  Thankfully only David Perry and John Moss were reported missing by todays administrator John Cheesbrough who received all the other completed orienteering scorecards safely.

The recently hollow tined and sharp sanded greens, paired with fiery fairways and a gusty breeze kept todays scoring fair.  The par 71 course supplied 4 Par 3s, two over 190 yards and a sadly dying breed 120 yarder.  Players clearly thrived on the variety returning 9 2s, with Lee Horton claiming 2 of them.  From the main competition, contested under stableford with full handicap allowance off the White Tees, Simon Ness claimed 3rd spot with a handy 38 points.  Missing out on top spot on a card playoff with 39 points, returning in 19, was past captain Brian Prince.  Prince was pipped by Tim Carter who returned in a magnificent 20 points to claim his first title after a 3 year dry spell.

Next up at Helsby is the Sunday Ryder Cup 14 hole competition on Sunday 2nd October, book in via the usual process.  Come on Europe!


1st – Tim Carter
2nd – Brian Prince
3rd – Simon Ness


A total of 9 2s were achieved on the day.

Mr Captain x1
Phil Barker x1
Lee Horton x2
John Dewsbury x1
Jeff Hughes x1
Glen Makin x1
Denver Brazier x1
Martin Wood x1


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