2016 Winners

People holding winning cup

Some barmy Golf has been played in 2016s Majors with new and familiar faces standing next to the Captain collecting trophies a plenty.  Starting back in April with the re-arranged Partridge Cup contested in conjunction with the April Medal.  Lee Horton took his first title with a brilliant 64 and also gained a 3rd place in the Briant bowl.  Charlie Fletcher took the Ex-Presidents putter and followed up immediately with 1st position in the May medal to start and early season strong run.  Scott Butler took the Dave Kitchen Quiach and has recently enjoyed the Wheelchair Classic place at Old Thorns Golf Club he received as reward for his 41 point return.  Jack Carroll took his first title with victory in the Shankland and Jim Jones reversed a mid season slump by taking the Brewery Cup.  Marcus Lightfoot took the Briant Bowl with a season low 61 which was almost equalled by Peter Simpsons 63 he took the Presidents title with and Andrew Matu’s 62 in the EJ Harding Trophy.  John Cheesbrough took the Jubilee trophy in a four way 40 point CPO and Tommy Briscoe re-entered the winners circle after taking the Jack Speed Trophy.

Relive the Major places Here


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