Hole Analysis 2016

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-21-03-39The wet Summer has seen some unbelievable scores but the course has on the whole played difficult, so how does each hole stack up in the stats?

It is no surprise that holes 5, 13 and 17 played, in scoring terms, harder than the other other 15.  What is surprising is that last Year the 3rd played second toughest with 13 only fourth toughest.  What is ever consistent is that hole 17 plays as Helsby’s hardest hole with a 2016 stroke average of 1.73 and was only birdied 11 times compared to 2015s 17.  Second toughest was 5 with its 1.62 stroke average that is slightly higher than the previous year.  The 13th takes third spot with a 1.58 stroke average down from last years 1.63.  In contrast the 12th takes back its most birdied hole title with 117 recorded in competitions beating the 7th with just 106 recorded this Year.  In 2015 the 7th saw 131 birdies compared to 12s 119.  Stroke wise 11 is the easiest hole on the course with an average score of 3.86 recorded with 18 unsurprisingly retaining the toughest Par 3 crown playing 1.22 over par.

You can view the full 2016 hole by hole analysis Here


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