End of the Light

clockSadly the clocks go back on Sunday 30th October at 2am apparently for those pesky farmers to enjoy an extra hour of morning light.  For us Golfers the loss of the hour means that the latest reasonable time to tee off to complete a round is 12:40 pm.  This change limits the amount of afternoon tee times which in times gone by was not on issue as all competitions were contested using a two tee start model.  The two tee model worked well in the winter but was disproportionate to the club as a whole in the Summer and so the current one tee model was taken up initially as a trial than fully applied due to its success.

Although the one tee model will carry on throughout the Summer it is felt that a two tee start model is better applied following the end of British summertime throughout the Winter.  The first competition to change to the two tee start will be the 3 man Scramble on Saturday 5th November.  This will initially be run over a trial period to factor in the current rise in competition entry and the extra 70 members we have welcomed this Year.  The up take and validity will be assessed over time and a final decision will be taken whether or not to make this a permanent fixture.


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