Texas Scramble Fireworks

oake-manor-fireworkGuaranteed to fire up golf on a bitterly cold day is the good old Texas Scramble.  Contested in 3 balls with a 20% handicap allowance the comp was set alight with the banging twist that each player required 5 drives, with 1 being a Par 3.  So to the competition, the recent rain had softened the course but the greens remained fantastic with the daily cut and iron maintaining the Summer levels we all love.  Scoring was good despite the cold gusty wind, proved with Martin Wood, Joe Gleave and John Cheesbroughs quality 55 – 6.2 – 48.8 return giving them 3rd overall.  The team were beaten into 3rd by 2nd and 1st places CPO returns.  First in, teeing off a 10 (perhaps something of a better strategy considering the scores) were the team of Glen Makin, Noel Robertson and Chris Stott who combined to return a magnificent 55 – 6.4 – 48.6 and 2nd place.  The team held the clubhouse lead for a mater of minutes as Jeff Hughes, Denver Brazier and Andy Cattermole returned their 11 under gross 52 – 3.4 – 48.6 to claim 1st place on CPO thanks to their outward 5 under gross.

The revised Par 3 format had very little effect on the ball pool with 19 2’s worth £7 each.


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